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National Bus Pass
If you are an older person or have certain disabilities and resident in England you can
apply for an English National Bus Pass. The pass entitles the holder to free off-peak travel
on most registered bus service in England. The pass can be used all day on Saturdays,
Sundays and public bank holidays and from 09:30 to the end of service weekdays.
From 1
April 2014, certain services are excluded from the National Bus Pass Scheme in
operation within the Devon administrative area. Services which are primarily operated for
the purposes of tourism will no longer accept the National Bus Pass for free travel. These
are currently service numbers 54, 271, 300 and Salcombe Park and Ride.
In addition, services which are non-stop or which are available to a particular category of
person are also excluded. These are currently service numbers PR3, 77, 78, and school-
only services.
If your sole or principal residence is within the administrative area of Devon County Council
contact: Concessionary Bus Travel; Room 18, Matford Offices, County Hall, Topsham
Road, Exeter, EX2 4QD. Telephone 01392 383688 or 01271 383688.
Or visit the website at
Eligible residents of Torbay should contact Torbay Council; telephone 01803 207766.
Eligible residents of Plymouth should contact Plymouth City Council; telephone number
01752 307790.
The following services have changed since the edition dated 29
May 2016:
From 30 October 2017, timetable revised. No longer serves Slapton
Service 13 timetable revised. Service 13B journeys to Totnes are
withdrawn and replaced by service 149. Minor revisions from 30
October 2017.
Revised timetable introduced
Service renumbered 125 and operated by Country Bus. Route now
operates Stoke Gabriel to Marldon via Paignton partly replacing
withdrawn services 67/67B
Revised timetable
Revised timetable
Service withdrawn. Alternative service between Paignton and
Marldon on service 125 and between Marldon and The Willows on
service 13.
From 30 October 2017, winter timetable introduced
New service operating between Totnes, Berry Pomeroy, Marldon,
Torbay Hospital, The Willows and Torquay replacing service 13B.
From 24 July 2017, revised timetable.
From 5 March 2018, revised timetable.
Revised timetable
National Express Revised timetable
Rail services
Revised timetable
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